Revolutionary Protection for Natural Stone

Q-Seal®  is the world’s only permanent stone sealer, making maintenance for natural stone tile as easy as ceramic tile.  Stone tile that is protected by Q-Seal never needs to be re-sealed, and its superior stain resistance means the days of worrying about spilling, splashing or splattering on natural stone tile are over. In addition to superior stain resistance, Q-Seal protected stone requires no special cleaners, has a proven anti-microbial ingredient that fights mold, and is non-toxic with no harmful emissions (no VOC’s).  Never again will homeowners have to compromise beauty for functionality and ease.

“Q-Seal is a big improvement over ordinary sealer because Q-Seal is baked right into the stone, not brushed on like ordinary sealers”, said Gary Marmer, General Manager of Q-Seal LLC.  Q-Seal is not available in a bottle, but rather is applied to stone tile using a proprietary application system.

Q-Seal fills a huge gap in the tile industry.  Marmer explains that “it is a direct response to the complaints we often hear from builders and homeowners about the challenges of caring for natural stone tile.  Q-Seal literally erases all of these problems so natural stone can be used to its full potential.  It creates a sense of ease for homeowners who no longer need to remember when to re-seal or stress about family and friends spilling wine, grape juice, spaghetti sauce or other foods and drinks that stain.”

Even installation and clean-up is made easier with Q-Seal.  Contractors and “do-it-yourselfers” alike will appreciate not having to deal with sealing chemicals.  Q-Seal stone doesn’t have to be pre-sealed or re-sealed, and because Q-Seal acts as a grout release, cleaning excess thin-set, adhesive and grout off the tile is a breeze.

Q-Seal is backed by a lifetime warranty and is now available at distributors nationwide. “Our distributors can help you design your dream kitchen, bathroom, or any room using beautiful, natural stone”, explains Marmer, “and with Q-Seal, you’ll never have to worry about sealing, stains or damage to your investment”.